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Firefighters still working on fire at former Buford tannery

Crews allowed the fire to burn itself out due to potential plumbing chemicals on the property. Part of the building was being used by a plumbing …
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Need For Skilled Trades Rises With Boom In Home Building Industry

“From electricians, heating, ventilation and cooling, plumbing — all those fields are in dire straits of a pipeline of new employees and it really hits hard …
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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Holds First Manifestation Coverage Trigger Applies to Property …

The project, which included extensive plumbing work, was completed in 2003. In April 2004 health problems within the dairy herd appeared and …
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Arctic Air Moves into Region by End of the Week

Plumbing near an exposed wall is likely to freeze first and if your kitchen sink is next to a wall that touches the outdoors keep the cupboards open to let …
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Judge orders Portland landlord to repair 1 building as another is torn down

… signed an injunction Monday prohibiting Nisbet from renting any portion of his home at 188 Dartmouth St. until heating and plumbing are restored.
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Gwinnett County fire officials probing warehouse blaze

Rutledge says crews allowed the fire to burn itself out because of possible plumbing chemicals and to control runoff issues that may arise from crews …
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 Posted on : February 12, 2015
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