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Business Notes: Thompson elected police association president; Halff Associates announces hirings

“TPA serves members of any rank and from every type of law enforcement agency.” Please log in, or sign up for a new account and purchase a subscription to continue reading. Dr. Paul D. Thompson was elected president of the Texas Police Association at its annual convention in Denton last week. Thompson, current chief of West Rusk ISD in New London, will serve a 2018-19 year term as president. “TPA is not a police union, collective bargaining group or a political lobbying organization,” Thompson stated. “It is to make Texas communities safer and more economically viable by addressing po…
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Peer Review: Why Four Eyes Are Better Than Two

When someone wants to renovate his or her apartment in a co-op or condo, an alteration agreement typically requires them to hire an architect or interior designer to prepare and submit plans to the board for review. The board can then hire its own architect or engineer – a peer of the resident’s architect – to review those drawings as a way to protect the board, the building systems, and the shareholders. You don’t want water and noise to penetrate apartments. Peer review is an important safeguard.  In the peer-review process, what we look for are structural, mechanical (includin…
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Kids Making It holds groundbreaking for new building

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – More than 500 kids will have a new place to learn trade skills. A groundbreaking ceremony was held Monday for a new addition to Kids Making It, a Wilmington nonprofit that provides mentoring programs for at-risk youth.  “This new building will be used to teach HVAC skills, plumbing, electrician skills, construction skills to our older teens,” said Kids Making it Founder Jimmy Pierce. The current location is housed at Sixth and Castle streets in downtown Wilmington. The new, $500,000, two-story property will be built next door. “There is a great need…
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Lava from Kilauea volcano is now hotter, more fluid

Lava from the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has been spewing for over a month, but the thick, slow-moving lava has taken a new shape, transforming into a wide, hot, flowing river of lava traveling long distances.  The 2100-degree lava is flowing together into a molten red river running 9 miles from the fissure into the ocean at Kapoho. The transition into fast-paced lava moving about 200 yards per hour seen Monday is due the location of the fissure.  The fissure, the 8th of 24 fissures, is located in the lower east rift zone near Leilani Estates. The magma under the surface in this area is hotter, more fluid and less crystallized. “The whole lower east rift zone has a plumbing system two miles below surface and it is delivering hotter magma at fissure 8, which is giving runnier lava that’s flowing to the ocean,” said Charles Mandeville, program coordinator for volcano hazards program at United States Geological Survey.  When the volcano first started splattering on May 3, the lava was cooler and more crystal rich, causing it to be thicker. Thicker lava tends to stick and form piles which don’t move very far, about 10 meters an hour. The hotter lava from fissure 8 is cooling faster and creating 5 meter high rock levees in the process.  “The good thing about fissure 8 fountaining vigorously is it’s giving rise to channelized lava flow,” Mandeville said. “So, flow is being contained by natural levees just because it’s cooling…which makes the lava path much more predictable.”  The downside? Once the lava river reaches the ocean it reacts violently with the water, shattering the lava into glass shards and creating steam plumes rich in hydrochloric acid acid, which feels like battery acid if in contact with skin.  The Kilauea volcano has been erupting for 37 days. In 1955, a similar eruption from the rift zone lasted around 88 days. 
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Construction boom means revenue hike

Though a boom in construction projects may be boosting the housing and office stock in cities across the Bay Area, for San Carlos, it is creating a notable uptick in sales tax revenue. Home to more than 130 building and construction businesses largely clustered in industrial zones on the city’s east side, San Carlos has seen the benefits of a steady stream of construction projects, with revenue from fourth quarter sales tax up nearly 21 percent in 2017, according to a spring 2018 report compiled for the city by HdL Companies. Though San Carlos businesses have seen year-over-year growth acro…
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Root Cutting Power from General Pipe Cleaners’ Metro Drain Cleaner

The economical Metro® power drain cleaner from General Pipe Cleaners gives you root cutting power at a bargain price. With a capacity of 75 ft. of 5/8” Flexicore® wire rope center cable, the Metro® handles roots and other tough stoppages in 3” through 6” lines. Or switch to 100 ft. of specially designed 9/16″ cable for smaller jobs. Lighter and more compact than other root machines, its narrow profile facilitates handling in tight places, on stairs, and loading onto trucks. The maneuverable Metro® features a fold-down handle, stair climbers, truck loading wheel, and tough …
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 Posted on : June 19, 2018

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