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College graduates trade program students

13 recognized the efforts of 15 students who completed training in heating, ventilation and air conditioning and plumbing. This is the fourth JOBS …
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Tragic Deaths in Rural India Brings Modern Plumbing to Village

It took the mysterious death of two teenage girls for a village in northern India to get toilets. The gruesome sight in May of two girls hanging from a …
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Extreme cold weather plumbing tips

“When it freezes its going to expand,” said Shawn Thomas, Owner and General Manager of Apex Plumbing. “Many times the pipes are going to split.
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Plumbers busy with frozen pipes

King and Sons Plumbing says they spent all day Tuesday, thawing pipes, many of the problems in trailer homes, where the pipes are directly exposed …
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Protecting yourself and your pets from the bitter cold

A house doesn't have to be chilly to cause a plumbing nightmare though. Plumbers suggest leaving the cabinet open to let some warm air in, …
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Chesterton BZA welcomes granite fabricating and plumbing businesses

Chesterton will gain one business and keep another after the Town's Board of Zoning Appeals on Monday unanimously approved a pair of use …
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 Posted on : January 2, 2015
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