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Don’t let kids’ future drip away

It isn’t a failing that the Detroit Public Schools Community District opened this week with all its water fountains turned off. It was the right, reasonable and responsible thing to do. Like school districts everywhere, Detroit’s buildings are aging. Unlike some districts, Detroit checked every tap and every drinking fountain and found too many of them were leaking copper and lead into the water that students would be drinking when they returned to school. So, the district did the right thing. It turned off the faucets and provided purified water dispensed from stand-alone coolers. It’s…
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Plumbing fitter readies new Children’s Hospital for his PICU-nurse wife

Adam, a plumber who has worked on a number of major construction projects, had his face inches from the hanging copper pipes he was placing to carry hot and cold water in the new Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital tower. “I like working on this project because it’s close to where I live,” Adam said. But the Ontario, California, resident had a second reason he enjoyed working on the Loma Linda University Health project. Pointing toward the current Children’s Hospital, he said, ”My wife works right over there, in the pediatric operating room.” While confessing that he has n…
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Sav-On Plumbing Offers Professional Plumbing in Glendale, AZ for All Residential and Commercial …

Glendale, AZ – Plumbing is one of the most important parts of any home or business that keeps the building running smoothly. When improperly maintained, it can cause water damage which can result in the damage of expensive property, so it’s important to hire professional plumbing contractors for all plumbing needs. The team of professional plumbing contractors at Sav-On Plumbing aims to provide businesses and homes in Glendale, AZ with the best plumbing services.  Sav-On uses the highest-quality equipment available, and tackles all plumbing projects with professionalism and experti…
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Plumbing work underway at time of Xenia house fire

XENIA — UPDATE @ 3:20 p.m. Plumbing work was underway this afternoon when a housefire broke out. The plumber and an occupant were able to safely escape from the fire reported at 2:05 p.m. at the single-story home in the 1500 block of Seneca Drive in Xenia. It is not clear whether the plumbing work is related to the fire, nor what caused the blaze, a Xenia Fire Division captain said. FIRST REPORT Heavy flames were reported this afternoon coming from a house fire. Crews were called at 2:05 p.m. to a home in the 1500 block of Seneca Drive in Xenia. We have a crew on the way and will updat…
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Environment: Alternative water sources – Greywater reuse

Traditionally, each step of the human water cycle — how we acquire, treat, use, treat again, and dispose of the water, was dealt with as discrete, isolated activities. Separate departments, divisions, and districts were created to handle each of these isolated activities. Unfortunately, this traditional recycled water paradigm sometimes also comes with a high-priced additional expense of duplicate infrastructure to re-transport the recycled water back to the users, thus limiting the number of users that can be served. The main use of recycled water is irrigation of crops and large lan…
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Council mulls removing piece of Early sports history

A former monument to Early High School athletics may have seen its final days if the Early City Council approves tearing down the old locker room building at McDonald Park. Early Assistant Administrator Larry McConn did not sidestep the sentimental value of the old locker room at McDonald Park, which once served as the football field for EHS until 2007, while requesting the council approve tearing down the structure and budgeting its demolition, and potential replacement with a pavilion, for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. It is a very sentimental building to some,” McConn said. “I ant…
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 Posted on : September 5, 2018

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