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Bowersox Plumbing At Work

Pipe Repair Service
Water Heater Installation
Water Heater Repair
Toilet Installation and Repair
Water Treatment Services
Bowersox Brian Sr. Working
Bowersox Plumbers At Work
Bowersox Plumbing Commercial Work
Bowersox Plumbing Shower Work

Bowersox Plumbing Family

Bowersox Brian Jr - Plumber
Bowersox Curt - Plumber
Bowersox Plumbing Family
Bowersox Brian Sr. Biking
Bowersox Plumbing Family
Bowersox Plumbing Grandson

Bowersox Plumbing - North Port Christmas Parades
Plumber North Port, FL

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  1. Our water heater is beginning to leak and we likely need a new one. We would need a 50 gallon tank with a 10 year warranty. The location is in our garage on a pedestal. What type of water heater would you recommend and how much would it cost to have it installed? We would prefer a unit that has digital controls on the tank.

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