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How do I stop my shower from dripping at night?

QUESTION: In the middle of the night, if we use the bathroom in the master bath and then go back to bed, water starts coming out of our showerhead; it drips and drips and drips. A plumber recommended installing a new showerhead and pipe, but that didn’t work. How can we stop this from happening? Our house is about 16 years old. A dripping showerhead can be corrected with a temporary valve on the neck of the showerhead. ANSWER: We call that kind of thing a plumbing “ghost” — water running when no one’s in the bathroom. If you’ve done all that plumbing work on the shower and the pro…
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Top Workplaces 2018: Company rankings and awards

These employers were recognized by the Top Workplaces 2018 employee survey conducted by Energage, working in partnership with IndyStar. For more information, go to Top large companies 1. Keller Williams Indy Metro 2. Crew Carwash 3. ERMCO 4. Monarch Beverage 5. Charles Schwab 6. Ricker Oil 7. Fifth Third Bank 8. Comcast 9. RCI 10. White Castle  11. Aldi 12. Witham Health Services 13. Clark-Pleasant Community Schools 14. Protective Insurance 15. Freedom Mortgage Top midsize companies 1. Van Rooy 2. Insights Consulting 3. Royal United Mortgage 4. First Internet Bank 5. BSA LifeSt…
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Alan Miller: New ‘Smart Tech’ section helps navigate rapid changes in technology

Fast and furious is how technology comes at us these days, and we at The Dispatch want to arm you with information that could help you embrace it. Perhaps it’s all relative: The move from horse and buggy to automobile was a big leap and learning curve for the people of that era. Moving from oil lamps to electricity was another. From outhouse to indoor plumbing yet another. And for some folks, such as my farmer grandparents, all of those things came at about the same time. That might have seemed like a dizzying pace in the first half of the past century, but if they were here today, I thi…
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St. Joseph struggles with lack of skilled workers

A recent workforce survey conducted by the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce found the city is suffering from a shortage of skilled labor. Specifically, low- and middle-skilled workers are in demand. The reasons are manifold. Vice President of Human Resources at Hillyard Inc. Gregg Roberts thinks one of those reasons could be an image problem plaguing the trade industry. “It seems like starting years ago, the trade industry — whether it’s plumbing, electrical, any type of craft skill — all of a sudden wasn’t looked upon as a great job for some reason,” Roberts said. “I think in the…
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Mid-Columbia building permits for week ending May 19

Goose Ridge Winery, 63725 E. Jacobs, Benton County, new commercial, $1,843,823. Greenspace, 15505 Webber Canyon Drive, Benton County, new commercial, $309,352. Coventry Vale Winery, 51705 N. Wilgus Road, Benton County, commercial addition, $76,000. Sandvik Special Metals, 235407 E. SR 397, Benton County, commercial remodel, $20,000. Sagemoor Vineyard, 8930 W. Sagemoor Road, Franklin County, accessory building, $7,560. James Dolezal, 3440 Dilling Road, Connell, ag building, $51,000. Argo Colonnade LLC, 6819 W. Canal Drive, Kennewick, commercial remodel, $400,600. Walla Walla Farmers Co-op, 500…
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Cheshire Town Meeting Will Decide Budget, Bylaw Changes

Asain Polynesian Restaurant. Open Every Day 11:30am-10:00pm. 569 Pittsfield Lenox Rd (413)443-474 Power Equipment, Lawn Mowers & Trimmers, Chain Saws, Sow Plows & Blowers, Generators, & more. Lee MA…
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 Posted on : June 11, 2018

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