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Have you recently noticed a difference in the water level of your toilet bowl where it seems to fill after flushing but then lowers?

If there are no visible signs of leaks anywhere, then a few things could be causing your water levels to drop and knowing which issue you’re facing can help you determine how to raise the water level in your toilet bowl.

  • An air vent could be clogged and could be keeping the system from breathing.
  • Water is settling at a lower level because a waste pipe is not set correctly.
  • There could be a small crack in the porcelain in the trap leading to an internal leak.

Your toilet’s plumbing works by being both a vent system and water waste. The water in the toilet bowl acts as a trap to keep gas in the sewage pipes from getting into the bathroom. If the level of the water in the toilet bowl gets below a certain level, you might start to get the smell of sewage.

A toilet’s plumbing vent is just like making two holes in a juice can, one hole is for the juice to come out and the other is for air.  If there is a blockage in the vent, the plumbing system tries to get air, but if there is something clogging the pipe, it can siphon water from the bowl. You can usually tell if there’s a blockage in the vent if your toilet gurgles when flushed.

Clearing the clog from your plumbing vent that is causing low water levels requires locating the vent on your roof, uncapping it, and using a garden hose to spray water down it. Removing the blockage should return the water level in the toilet bowl to its normal level.

If the pipe that takes wastewater away when you flush is positioned towards the toilet instead of away, then the water left standing in the pipe could affect the level in the toilet bowl. Correcting this would involve removing the toilet to verify the waste pipe is pitched correctly to lead water away and not towards the toilet.

If there’s a small crack in the porcelain, the toilet would have to be replaced, and if you want to keep your water levels low naturally or use less water, you might want to look into getting a low-flush toilet.

 Posted on : December 1, 2018
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