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Judge finds village not at fault for broken sewer pipe

VOORHEESVILLE —  A Voorheesville resident unsuccessfully sued the village, claiming it hadn’t properly inspected the sewer lateral at his home, which burst. A plumber who testified said it’s more likely the damage could have been caused by a heavy truck driving over the lateral. Since construction of the home began in 2010, the village has changed its code, requiring that such pipe be buried deeper, at 60 rather than 48 inches, and requiring that the pipe be made of a more specific type of material. Joseph Kowalski of 3 Quail Run had wanted to recover $722.30 in damages, according to c…
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Record: 3-15

• Approval of the following requisitions: Sheriff’s Office ammunition, food and supplies for jail inmates, purchase of a single-prisoner transport package for a new Sheriff’s Office vehicle. Windy with rain early…then remaining cloudy with showers for the afternoon. Thunder possible. High 44F. Winds E at 25 to 35 mph. Chance of rain 90%.. Light rain and wind early…then remaining cloudy with showers overnight. Thunder possible. Low 33F. NE winds at 20 to 30 mph, decreasing to 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 70%. The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Wednesday, Feb. 28. In attendance were Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker, North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Robert Stiens and County Clerk Melinda Patton. • Reviews of: an inspection notice from the Maryville Department of Public Safety’s fire division, the county’s 2018-2019 Assessment Maintenance Plan. • A discussion with Eric Couts and Mark Wilson of Polk Township with regard to the proposed acquisition by the City of Maryville of three township-owned street sections. • Office operations updates from Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice and Sheriff Randy Strong. • A meeting with Todd Spencer and Steve Houts of the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments with regard to Community Development Block Grant-related disaster project planning. The Nodaway County Commission met in regular session Friday, March 2. In attendance were North District Commissioner Chris Burns, South District Commissioner Robert Stiens and County Clerk Melinda Patton. Presiding Commissioner Bill Walker was absent.  • Approval of the following requisitions: Binders and paper for the recorder’s office, plumbing repairs and improvements at the county jail performed by Arnold Plumbing, recorder and clerk fees for Feb. 2018. • Review of a Midland Surveying invoice and related documentation with regard to six land corner certificates associated with the County Cooperative Remonumentation Program. A portion of the fees are reimbursable through the Land Survey Program. • A bid opening for three loads of 40-foot H-Pile beams for use in bridge construction. The contract was awarded to Husker Steel, the low bidder. • A review of County Aid Road Trust (CART) information for Jackson Township with regard to a road segment a resident claims is not being graveled. • A meeting with Mark Wilson of Polk Township and Maryville City Manager Greg McDanel with regard to proposed acquisition by the city of three sections of township-owned streets. • A communication with Larry Jacobson of the Missouri Department of Transportation with regard to a report for bridge No. 164.
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Ask the Carpenter: Advice on freezing pipes and icicle prevention

Rob Robillard – Globe Correspondent March 15, 2018 12:00 pm Q. My house is 237 years old with two bathrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs. In very cold weather, the plumbing for the downstairs shower and toilet freezes until we get temps in the mid- to high 30s. If this were your house, how would you solve this problem? ■ Relocating vulnerable plumbing (water and drain lines) — anything in an exterior wall, along an uninsulated basement rim joist, or across a leaky window; Q. I have a 50-plus-year-old house with a large overhang (1½ to 2 feet), and each winter I have huge icicles. My…
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Bringing back the Dove’s Nest

SUNDERLAND — Like many other loyal customers, Wendy Rose faithfully visited the Dove’s Nest Restaurant every week before its former owner, Nancy Capen, announced intentions to close just before Christmas and sell everything inside by Jan. 21 if a buyer couldn’t be found. Rose purchased the Route 116 restaurant, which has been a staple in Sunderland’s bedroom community since the 1970s, on Jan. 22, the day before her daughter, Skyler Rose’s 15th birthday. She plans to reopen later this month on a date that’s yet to be nailed down. “I’ll never forget that day,” Rose said on Tue…
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Cubs say Wrigley Field upgrades remain on track for home opener

Despite the tons of machinery parked on the playing surface and main concourse now, Wrigley Field will be ready for the Cubs’ home opener April 9. But fans hoping for an All-Star Game, perhaps as soon as 2020, might want to temper their optimism despite a formal bid the team and the City of Chicago has submitted to Major League Baseball. “We’ve made a prediction on what the ballpark will look like in 2020,” Cubs business president Crane Kenney said to beat writers Thursday in Mesa. “This has become a different equation with (Commissioner) Rob Manfred. In the past, Commissioner (Bud)…
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Campbell plans voter survey to gauge support for tax hike for library, police facilities

Will Campbell voters support a tax hike to pay for renovations to the library, police building and City Hall? A new survey launching later this month aims to answer that, Mayor Paul Resnikoff said in an email. The renovations are expected to cost around $40 million. The city has looked at a variety of ways to fund the improvements, but Campbell City Council members have said they’d prefer placing a parcel tax hike on the November ballot. A parcel tax would apply to both residential and commercial properties, and requires two-thirds voter approval. City hall, the police building and the …
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 Posted on : March 16, 2018

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