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MacDougall Plumbing and Mechanical Launches New Website

Milton, Mass. — MacDougall Plumbing and Mechanical announced that they have recently re-launched their website, The focus of the redesign was to create a platform with a sleek, modern layout that allows users to easily access information about MacDougall’s many services which includes plumbing, heating, A/C, indoor air quality and more. Large format photos beautifully showcase the firm’s commercial and residential work in collaboration with some of the premier builders, architects and interior designers in New England. “We are thrilled to finally have a w…
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Trilogy Plumbing Offers Advanced Plumbing Technology

John Guest has continued to be a manufacturer of choice for the most innovative and high-quality plumbing materials on the market. JG ProLock and JG Speedfit feature the most advanced plumbing technology currently available, allowing them to be both efficient and easy to install. It is precisely these qualities that first piqued the interest of Trilogy Plumbing. Trilogy Plumbing Inc., headquartered in Anaheim, Calif., is among the preeminent plumbing contractors in the region. They specialize in the installation of first-class plumbing systems for new commercial and residential properties. Li…
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Internet mourns Luigi’s death after brutal Smash Bros. trailer

It’s been a good year for Smash Bros . fans, what with the multiple 20-minute trailers detailing every single detail about the upcoming Nintendo Switch title, but it’s also been a rough time for everyone’s favorite green plumber. Luigi, who’s been putting the “bro” in Marios Bros. for over three decades, is dead. How did this travesty fall upon us? The new Nintendo Direct (think an extended trailer) debuted Wednesday morning, starting off with an homage to Luigi’s Mansion , the playful, spooky game that let players journey through a haunted house as Luigi, armed with a ghost-van…
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Trail crew cleans up around reservoir

A little indoor plumbing can go a long ways after 10 days living outdoors. Wyoming Conservation Corps worker Will Dutcher (left) and Tate Beddingfield dig a post hole for a new fence at Buffalo Bill Reservoir on July 14. The fence will protect picnickers from a steep drop-off into the lake. Dutcher was part of a seven-member Wyoming Conservation Corps trail crew that spent July 13-18 putting up fence and clearing trails from sites along the northern end of Buffalo Bill Reservoir. Dutcher and Ryan Jackson were co-leaders for the team as the “youngsters” (ages 18-23) built 275 feet of post …
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University study suggests softening agents for biofilm may lead to fouling in drinking water

City drinking water systems may be in danger of fouling due to the effect of softening agents on biofilm, according to a research from the University. Biofilms are present in nearly all plumbing systems, according to the press release . Most biofilm is harmless, but it can form mineral scale that can clog up or block water pipes when combined with other elements. Many water systems add softening agents to the water supply in order to prevent mineral buildup. According to the press release, these softening agents cause biofilm to grow thicker and softer and make it easier for the biofilm to de…
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Newcomers: Need to Know

If you are a newcomer to Jackson, you may not know things like how to get your water turned on or where the DMV locations are. Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are some need-to-know things when moving to the capital city. Water, sewer and sanitation services Call 601-960-2000 or visit 1000 Metrocenter Mall, Suite 103 Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Make payments online at The City suggests that children and pregnant women have a filter on their faucet. Electricity: Entergy Visit or call 1-800-ENTERGY for service. Gas: Atmos Energy Visi…
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 Posted on : August 9, 2018

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