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Meredith Alumni Assoc. grateful for all the support from businesses

Nothing happens without hard work and financial support in the not-for-profit world and the consistent financial support of our business sponsors is not to be taken for granted! Over the years the Meredith/Inter-Lakes Alumni Association has enjoyed working with many business entering ads in our program booklet. Some might have participated during their particular 50th reunion year, others during years when it was in their budget and others have seen fit to be a business sponsor year after year! Each year the alumni president expresses sincere thanks at the annual meeting and in follow up news…
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PWSA tops mid-year deadline for lead line replacements

A service line connects each building’s indoor plumbing to a water main beneath the street. Under a state order, PWSA is supposed to replace at least …
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Citigroup pays $335 million fine for wronging credit card customers

… citing its “old-fashioned treasury management for global businesses” that has made it an important “plumbing” cog in the global financial machinery.
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Navien Summer School Is In Session

Irvine, Calif.—Summer is the perfect time for contractors to train and educate themselves on Navien products before the busier heating season arrives. As the leader in condensing technology, Navien continues to innovate with product updates, contractor programs and new products, making Navien training essential for any contractor to stay informed on Navien and include Navien as part of their business growth plan. Navien Training Academies offer a variety of classes covering Navien tankless water heaters, combi-boilers, boilers, accessories and more. Contractors new to Navien can attend intr…
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HFS processing backlog may have killed a nursing home

If it’s a choice between “Pritzker Plumbing” and “Rauner Retirement Care”, I’ll take the “plumber” any day. – JS Mill – Friday, Jun 29, 18 @ 11:17 am: =Pleasant Hill Healthcare [in Gerard] said they will have to almost immediately shut down due to the lack of state funding.= This is a Rauner specialty. He has a long and documented history here. It makes me sick as my own parents are approaching the age where they may move to a care facility of some type. Pritzker needs to pound Rauner mercilessly on this stuff. Rauner’s only response will be “but Madigan”.

– JS Mill – Friday, Jun 29, 18 @ 11:20 am: =Care Center of Abington and Good Samaritan in Flannigan both closed earlier this year and the eligibility processing backlog played a role in their demise.= Both rural communities where people have few choices for services. Nice job governor. Tell me more about growin’ jobs.

– Jocko – Friday, Jun 29, 18 @ 11:22 am: I’m sure Rauner will “take the arrows” directed at James Dimas. /s

– Hoping for Rational Thought – Friday, Jun 29, 18 @ 11:29 am: The reason the Comptroller can’t help with hardship is because there are no vouchers. This is because the backlog of poendsing applications means the NH can not bill HFS for the care. So a NH could be providing care for 9 month, a year, and in a few cases 2 years before being able to bill. Also banks won’t extend lines of credit for pendings. THis problem has been growing since 2013 but really exploded over the last year. Ironically the state hired more caseworkers last year and the problem got worse partly because of the new IES which slowed the process down. Another aspect to this problem is DHS and HFS do not work together well. Caseworkers work for DHS processing Medicaid benefits but HFS runs Medicaid and sets policy. HFS is accountable for Medicaid but doesn’t direct the caseworkers. DHS has no accountability for Medicaid so is less motivated and focuses on the programs they are accountable for SNAP etc.

– wordslinger – Friday, Jun 29, 18 @ 11:35 am: Squeeze the beast by other means, or just BTIA(TM) FUBAR? Misanthropy or incompetence appear to be the only choices.

– Anonymous – Friday, Jun 29, 18 @ 11:40 am: Between stuff like this and the WIU story yesterday, tell me again why us voters should care so much about Pritzker’s toilets?

– Honeybear – Friday, Jun 29, 18 @ 11:46 am: Hoping- true DHS and HSF caseworkers are compartmentalized but we don’t focus on SNAP to the detriment of Medicaid. We deal with both as the problems/cases arise. I’ve got this one little abuella in here just now who I can’t get the IES system to update that she left the nursing home 5/1. Round and round stuck in a loop. She needs the AABD coverage. So frustrating to know what has to be done but stymied in executing it. Meanwhile the lobby is filling up. We’re working as fast as we can and doing overtime 6 days a week EIS cancels cases faster than we can fix them. It’s a firehose water fountain. That’s why Rauners Screwing with the workforce is so short sighted People have been looking for other jobs And leaving.

– Me Again – Friday, Jun 29, 18 @ 11:53 am: Deloitte designed the new Integrated Eligibility System (IES) to work DHS caseworkers harder, not smarter. The idea was that frustrated caseworkers would retire or quit, allowing them to be replaced by minimum-wage private-sector workers. The many IES bugs that slow (or stop) caseworker productivity actually speed up the caseworker replacement process. Deloitte and DHS management were warned about this by (mostly union) MIS staff but were ignored or just plain told to “ shut up”.

– I Miss Bentohs – Friday, Jun 29, 18 @ 2:03 pm: HFS seems to have a leadership problem and they just lost a good director and now their child support director is leaving too (something that seems to be greatly underreported).

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16 Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

There are certain things you know you shouldn’t flush down the toilet (even if your kids didn’t get the memo, like the Great Lego Flushing Incident Of 2017), but for every obvious pick, there are a few we’re all guilty of tossing in, just because we didn’t realize it’d cause any issues. Until we had to call the plumber … and get that bill afterward. To ensure that your pipes stay clog-free, here are the 16 you should really, truly avoid. Yes, even the ones that say they’re flushable. According to plumbing company Boulden Brothers, these are frequently the cause of clogs and should always be thrown out in a wastebasket instead. Mike Agugliaro, co-owner of plumbing company Gold Medal Service also backed this up to TODAY, noting that even “flushable” wipes don’t disintegrate the way toilet paper does, which can eventually cause plumbing issues. Cotton balls, cotton pads, and Q-Tips are definitely not safe to flush — they don’t break down the way toilet paper (even cotton toilet paper) does, and according to Boulden Brothers, all they really do is clump together in your pipes and cause problems. This one might shock you, but menstrual products (tampons, pads, etc.) should also never be flushed down the toilet. Why? Because as Agugliaro told TODAY, they’re products that are meant to absorb water, not break down in it, meaning they’ll only expand when you flush them — and that’s no good for your plumbing. Condoms are also not designed to break down in water, so flushing them can cause clogs in toilets and septic tanks, according to Agugliaro. Honestly, you shouldn’t even be able to flush a diaper (like menstrual products, they expand in water and diapers are probably already too big to get down the drain) but on the off-chance that you can and do, it’ll expand and get caught in your pipes. That’s what diaper pails are for! Not only can dental floss clog your pipes, it can also cause environmental damage, according to Boulden Brothers. And as Agugliaro explained, floss basically turns into a net when flushed, catching and holding onto other debris — it can even wrap around parts of your septic system and burn out the motor. Yikes. You might think paper towels and tissues aren’t all that different from toilet paper, but they’re simply not designed to break down the way toilet paper does. In the event that you need to use paper towels or tissues in place of toilet paper for any reason, Boulden Brothers recommends putting them in a wastebasket instead. If you have old pills that you need to get rid of, don’t flush them — toilet water doesn’t break them down properly, meaning the medication gets into the water and can cause toxic environmental effects, according to Boulden Brothers. Speaking of toxic chemicals, that’s exactly what flushing cigarettes down the drain adds to the water, too, Boulden Brothers explains. Not to mention, it’s a huge waste of water when you can simply throw them out properly. And, cigarette butts can also cause clogs, according to Agugliaro. Some brands of kitty litter claim to be flushable, but as Agugliaro pointed out, most toilets don’t use enough water to move the litter along properly in your pipes — and all it does is add more things to the water that make it harder to purify. Cat waste from the litter box should also not be flushed, because the litter dehydrates the waste and toilets are meant to flush water soluble waste. Like dental floss, hair forms a sort of net when you flush it down the drain and gets caught on basically everything — plus, it floats, and it never dissolves in water no matter how long it’s in there, Agugliaro explained. As you can probably imagine, chewing gum doesn’t exactly break down in water, either. Plus, it’s sticky and can easily adhere to the inside of your pipes and cause a clog. You should always throw gum out in the waste basket for this reason, according to Agugliaro. You probably already know that you shouldn’t pour cooking grease down the drain, so it should make sense that the same goes for your toilet, too. Cooking grease congeals when it cools, which means it’ll do the same in your pipes, according to Boulden Brothers. It seems pretty standard that people flush pet fish when they die, but this is actually not a good idea — they don’t break down in water, so flushing a fish or anything like it down the toilet can absolutely cause a clog. Stick to a proper burial instead, Agugliaro advised. This one might surprise you, because human waste is basically just broken-down food anyway, but flushing food that hasn’t been digested can cause problems for your plumbing, too. Sure, it’s biodegradable and will break down eventually, but it can cause clogs until that happens, according to Agugliaro. Perhaps the most surprising thing you shouldn’t flush is bleach. It might be a part of your regular toilet cleaning routine, but bleach is actually too harsh a chemical for your toilet and septic system, according to Agugliaro, who noted that you can get the stains in your toilet out by using vinegar instead. Follow House Beautiful on Instagram.
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 Posted on : June 30, 2018

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