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Moon Dark Spot 'Oceanus Procellarum' Caused by Magma Plumbing System, Not Asteroid Impact

The rifts could have potentially acted as a “magma plumbing system” that flooded regions with volcanic lava between three billion and four billion …
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Fregat Plumbing Blamed for Soyuz Failure that Stranded Galileo Satellites in Wrong Orbit

UPDATED Oct. 1 at 2:45 p.m. EDT. TORONTO — A Europeanized version of Russia's Soyuz rocket placed two European navigation satellites into the …
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Royal Oak house built with shipping containers

Holes for windows and passageways will be cut before plumbing, electrical wiring and other mechanical functions are installed. “We wanted to do …
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Plumbing repair service and licensed plumbers for your home. We are ready to assist with any plumbing or drain issue you may have. We do repairs …
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Greenstar Home Services Announces Emergency Plumbing Service Initiative

Greenstar Home Services, a leader in providing environmentally conscious residential plumbing service and HVAC maintenance and repair …
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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Now Offering Emergency Plumbing for Fall 2014

Levittown, PA — (ReleaseWire) — 10/01/2014 — Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA is now offering emergency plumbing services in Montgomery …
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 Posted on : October 2, 2014
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