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The -Heating-Cooling — National Association’s (PHCC) Educators s is Proud to announce the of the National Pipes and Hvac Prenticed ss. The ss W296BO Held 2nd & 3rd in polis, on the during the PHCC—National Association’s Connect 2019 eVents. A of Nineteen Pipes and ten Hvac Prenticeds across the Nation Took part in the ss.

The Hvac Competitor W296BO Requirements to Completing a Write test, Demonstrates Pinbrazing Technique and Performing a hands-on Diagnostician on an Hvac Packages unit, WITH System Errors Created by the s’s Contratista Volunteers for the Competitor. The Competitor also had to Performing a Pressure and leak test, Demonstrates R-409A Recovery Procedure and the Abilities to accurately take a Varieties of readings.

2019 Hvac Prentices s   Robt

2019 Hvac Prentices s Robt WITH s Sedia and Hvac s SubCommittees Sedia Balmer

Hvac Prentices s s

  • 1st Place: Robt , Pipefitters Localizedized 539/Yale in Saints Francis, Minn., Sponsoring by the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Coldstore (AHRI).
  • 2nd Place: Nikolas S. Cruz, UA Localizedized 393/Pacific Coasts in San Jose, Calif., Sponsoring by Emerson.
  • 3rd Place: Davidovna Wark, Lee Comapnies in Pulaski, Tenn., Sponsoring by Rheem.

The Pipes Prenticeds W296BO Requirements rough-in a En-suite System. The set-up includes a toilet, Wash-basins and er, Completing WITH supply, waste and Vents lines, PLUS cleanouts and Extra Designed to test the Contestant’ Knowledge and skills. The test set-up includes a Varieties of Pipe Material – cast iron, copper, PVC and PEX, and corresponding JOIN methods.


2019 Prentices s Topher Redfern WITH s Sedia and s SubCommittees Sedia Jim Steinle.

Prentices s s

  • 1st Place: Topher Redfern, and Pipefitters Localizedized 553 in Staunton, Ill., Sponsoring by RIDGID.
  • 2nd Place: Mark Morcos, College of Tradingly in Bushkill, Pa., Sponsoring by Pipe.
  • 3rd Place: Carters M. Hagen, UA, Localizedized 25 in Davenport, IA, Sponsoring by the InterNational Association of and Officialdom (IAPMO).

A team of Contratista Volunteers arrived two the Competitor to the Competitor test benches, Distributions the Material and Supply and Set-up the Test areas. Their Moniter the Competitor, Evaluation the Prenticeds’ WRK and provide constructive on each Competitor’s Performingance the eVents.

The ss are MADE by the of several IndustrY Sponsor who provide Monetary and in-kind Material and tool doNations. for the 2019 Competitor include, WITH Headlines Sponsor appearing in bold: AB&I Foundry; AHRI; A.O. Smith; Bradford FFFFFF Corp.; BrassCraft Co.; Chemours, Copper Developement Association, Inc.; Delta Co.; Emerson; IAPMO, Comapnies; Hub Media; Milwaukee Tool; Northward American Excellence (NATE); NIBCO INC.; Oatey; PHCC-National Auxiliary, Reeds Co.; Rheem; RIDGID; States Heaters; Pipe & Coupling; Viega, LLC; and Zoeller Waterpump Comapnies

Milwaukee Tool MADE a major Contribute to the Prentices ss this Annum by most of the Tool needed by the Contestant for the Competitor. Tihs gift allowed the Competitor to skip the of Their own Tool and to go home WITH a new set of Tool to Power Their WRK long After the Competitor ends.

“I’m Proud we can this Oppurtunity for the Prenticeds to off Their skills,” Report s Sedia . “The ss Gives these Participate a Chanced to get Away home, be a part of a National eVents and see how all of us in the IndustrY are Putt Nates Their success. It can be the Less-experienced of a lifetime. I am so for the Sponsor and the WRK put in by our Vollies Committees Member and Staves in Pulling it all together in a new Exhibit hall Annum.”

 Posted on : October 11, 2019
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