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Pirch lets you test your home appliances before you buy them.

They decided there had to be a better way to shell out big bucks on large-appliance and plumbing purchases that have so much to do with function, …
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Some Geysers Periodically Erupt due to Loops in their Underground Plumbing

Around 1,000 geysers are present in the world. They are either present in areas of active volcanoes or on the sites of formerly active volcanoes.
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An Exceedingly Small Sag Harbor Cottage Asks $1.1M

Plastic plumbing showing under the bathroom sink? Mismatched graining on the kitchen cabinets? Obvious patch jobs in the wood flooring? For that …
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– City yet to comply with '08 order WMHS concession plan again revives bathroom debate

The genesis of the bathroom controversy dates back to the summer of 2007, when since retired Woburn Plumbing Inspector Jack Cavagnaro ruled that …
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Water Authority issues warning ahead of expected deep freeze

Knowing how to prevent frozen pipes, or what to do if they freeze, could save the residents the cost of a new water meter, a callout fee and plumber …
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Redwood City Sewer Repair by Caccia Plumbing Is Now Available with New Coupons for …

Redwood City sewer repair company Caccia Plumbing announces coupon for trenchless sewer pipe replacement including CIPP and Pipe Bursting …
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 Posted on : February 27, 2015
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