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Court Says Plumbing Inspector's Job Put him at Increased Risk of Tripping on Curb

The Illinois Appellate Court ruled that a plumbing inspector's trip and fall over a curb resulted in a compensable injury because the nature of his job …
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Pennridge School Board approves bids for Helman Field project

Albarell Electrical Inc. will be handling the electric for $375,000, and Chris Wolff Plumbing Inc. was awarded a $248,000 plumbing contract, according …
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Defender Direct sells Williams Comfort Air to old owners

Carmel-based WCA Group LLC on Monday announced that it has acquired Williams Comfort Air and Mr. Plumber. It also bought two other heating and …
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Ask Andrew: Is Buying A Home Warranty Worth It?

Systems Package ($33.33/month) : Covers repair and replacement of most major home systems including A/C with ductwork, water heaters, plumbing …
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2015 AHR Expo sets Chicago attendance record

Westport, Connecticut – The 2015 AHR Expo claimed the title for the best-attended event ever held in Chicago. Preliminary figures for the world's …
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Generating Electricity & Heating Water With One Technology

So the question remains, why add on solar thermal to a technology (PV) that is superior. Just add more PV and eliminate the plumbing part since it is …
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