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Double the Trouble Found Under Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano

“Lead isotope ratios are like fingerprints imprinted on the magma before it enters the shallow plumbing system,” Pietruszka said. “When you start …
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Creating an island paradise: Tips for adding an island in your kitchen renovation

Plumbing an island can be problematic, however, if your home is built on a slab or a crawl space. The cost of cutting through concrete and adding …
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Coal Valley delays business corridor study

Approved Justin Dennis as the new plumbing inspector. He will begin April 1 after taking the state certification test March 18. He will replace Doug …
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Water woes continue in Troy

A few days ago, work crews from Plumbing Today, Inc. began their hydro-technology process hoping to thaw the pipes, but as of early Wednesday …
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Tattoo helps tipsters ID theft suspect

A man has been captured in connection to a theft from a local plumbing company in Montgomery. His tattoo played a significant part in identifying him.
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Sioux City stands by water line insurance provider

Interior plumbing insurance costs $9.99 a month. Beginning in March premiums eventually will be incorporated into participating homeowners' city …
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