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Meanwhile, in a secret base beneath the Walmart …

“No plumbing permits have been pulled in any of the municipalities where Walmart … Walmart isn't calling in plumbers, they're calling in Pinkertons.
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Walmart fired 2200 to fix the plumbing

Walmart surprised everyone and put 2,200 people out of work Monday when it temporarily closed five stores. The reason for the shut down: plumbing …
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Washington DC Plumbers 911 Ready to Fix Overdue Repairs

Plumbers 911 Washington DC is preparing for a busy spring.The company expects a boost in repair work & fixture upgrade jobs after tax season.
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Operation Jade Helm 15, Wal-Mart Closures Over 'Plumbing Issues' Spark Martial Law Conspiracy …

The right-leaning conspiracy theory blogosphere has come alive once again with conspiracy theory speculations linking recent reports that several …
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May 4 reopening set for senior center

The facility was badly flooded in late October due to the failure of a small plumbing piece under a restroom sink during the Halloween weekend which …
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'Leaders of the Lake' run set for May 2

Sponsors include Hovey's Plumbing, Taylor Veterinary Hospital, A-Line Iron & Metals, Cedar Falls Kiwanis Rough Riders, Cedar Valley Preschool and …
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