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5 ideas to improve your summer outdoor living

If you have the plumbing in place, it's a pretty straight forward project. You may have to call a plumber, of course, to put an extra line in place if your …
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Oceanside deputy mayor urges use of gray water systems

The city of Oceanside adopts the state plumbing code every three years and, because of this, the city of Oceanside currently permits gray water …
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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in PA Now Offering Water Heater Installation Services for Summer 2015

One plumbing company in Bucks County that homeowners can turn to for the installation of a new water heater this summer season is Benjamin …
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Displaced employees at Brandon Walmart want answers

Walmart officials said the five closed stores across the country had between 100 and 140 service calls regarding plumbing, but Garafano and other …
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Three worlds: Domain names, trademarks and trade names

A plumber might register a legal entity called Dave Jones Plumbing, LLC. But on his work truck he uses the moniker “Dave's All Night Plumbing.
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Letters | Ignored by NYSERDA

I was not advised beforehand that my plumbing pipes would be covered by foam, making them largely inaccessible, which incidentally is highly toxic.
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