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Poorly Maintained Plumbing Often Leads to Legionnaires' Disease, CDC Says

Improperly maintained building plumbing and private groundwater — not publicly regulated water supplies — were the culprits in those 2011-2012 …
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Mother and daughter prepare to deploy together to Kuwait

“I would guess that there's going to be building of some sort, whether it's masonry or plumbing or whatever it may be.” The 155th is an engineer …
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ID Booth celebrates 140 years of business

The wholesaler of plumbing, heating, industrial, steel and electrical supplies invited more than 1,500 people, representing 70 agencies that are part of …
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Shooting and carjacking leads August 13, 2015 Trentonian Police Blotter

Shot in the Foot: A 25-year-old city resident was shot in the foot Wednesday night following a physical altercation with the suspect. Police say the …
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Guilty Plea For Man Accused Of Bringing Counterfeit Chips To AC, Flushing Them Down Toilet

“Lusardi's counterfeiting scheme sabotaged a major professional poker tournament at the Borgata, not to mention the plumbing at Harah's Casino …
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Brevard heart surgeon repairs body's 'plumbing'

“When you boil it down, chemical engineering is glorified plumbing; heart surgery is creating a bunch of plumbing: valves, conduits, vessels, pumps …
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