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Plumbing the Depths

Of all the modern conveniences we take for granted, perhaps none is as profoundly basic—and indispensable—as indoor plumbing. Carrying fresh …
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Holidays down the drain? Clogs keep plumbers busy on Black Friday

While many people spend Black Friday searching for bargains, an unfortunate group of consumers will spend the day searching for a plumber.
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Community treats 250 families to tasty Thanksgiving feast

The Salvation Army donated 100 turkeys, and Genevie Plumbing and Liberty Construction teamed up to donate 150 turkeys. Food Lion of Waldorf …
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Shoppers encouraged to buy locally

“Think window cleaning, plumbing services, baked goods and more,” she said. “If you're looking for a gift for someone that has everything, consider …
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Thanksgiving grease can cause plumbing disasters

Thanksgiving grease can cause plumbing disasters. Disposing of grease and oil down the kitchen sink is the number one cause of stopped up sewer …
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Meet Plague: An app plumbing the depths of viral networking

We use the term viral to describe the way information spreads across the internet, but a new social communications app has taken that concept to its …
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 Posted on : November 27, 2014
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