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Streamlining licensing for hundreds of Iowa plumbers

More than a thousand licensed plumbers in Iowa will get a “red tape” break on July 1, 2017. State Labor Commissioner Michael Mauro says current regulations require plumbers who work on construction projects to fill out licensing paperwork with both his agency and the Iowa Department of Public Health. “Currently, there are 1290 plumbers who also register as contractors,” Mauro says. Starting July 1, there will be a “one-stop” point of state licensing for those nearly 1300 Iowa plumbers who work in the construction industry. “They’ll get that l…
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Families may be left in the cold if Paradise RV Park forced to close

An RV park, housing more than 90 low income people, could soon be shut down due to failing state health and safety codes. However, the owner says he has been working with Butte County Officials to comply. Those living at the park are people of all ages and the owner of the park says if his property is shut down, tenants could start the New Year suffering from homelessness this winter. “We’ve turned this place into home,” said Leeia McDonel, a resident of Paradise Pines RV Park in Paradise. A home that could soon be taken away… “I’ve just learned to take it one day at a time,” she said, The Paradise Pines RV Park is in jeopardy of shutting down by the state. Even after the owner Frank Tewsley had been working with the Butte County Health Department for a year to meet necessary plumbing requirements. “They’ve been working with me and they’re good people and they give me letters saying that I can continue on as I’m doing as long as I make progress,” he said. Repairs which Tewsley says he’s made. Out of the four sewage disposal write-ups, he’s complied with three and has been working on the fourth. But, the state health department said his septic system is on the verge of failing. “Their views are that the old one, even though it hasn’t failed, it could fail and cause a health hazard,” Tewsley said. The owner says he thought he had a deal with the county as he was working to get a contractor. “The estimated cost of a septic system will take all the profit from this park for about 3-4 years,” he said. As Tewsley was working with the county on plumbing requirements he abruptly got this notice from the state, a notice of suspension to operate his RV Park indefinitely. “It means that I cannot collect any money or operate like a business,” Tewsley said. “The business is suspended.” If the suspension stands, tenants like McDonel could be homeless. “This is all I can afford right now with my kids,” she said. Over the years the owner has been known for taking in people who need help. “Who are really desperate the children, the families,” she said. This year Tewsley assisted McDonel and her four kids when they had nowhere else to go. “And I gave her trailer just so she’d have a trailer to live in so she could live here,” Tewsley Rent at the RV Park is $400. Over 90 people live here including families on food stamps, welfare and social security. “Many of them are making an average of $500 or less a month and there is no place they can go,” Tewsley said. The owner and his lawyer appealed the suspension, but have not yet received a hearing date from the state department. “If I can get them to lift that suspension and move forward with everything the state and county want me to do, which I’ve been doing, then I can take care of these people. Some of the old ones are not going to make it through this cold, cold winter…and these young babies,” Tewsley said The tenants at the RV Park are paid up until Jan. 5 but if the owner cannot get the suspension lifted before then they will have to move out. According to the State Department of Housing, the owner did not request an appeals hearing on time, but the owner told me the department has put his paperwork on back order for two months.
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Homebuyers Learn About Lack of National Disclosure Requirements for Lead Pipes

Earlier this year, The Arizona Republic  published an article about the fact that many homebuyers and renters may not realize their prospective homes may have lead pipes or elevated levels of lead in its tap water. The article discusses how there is a federal mandate from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for home sellers to disclose the presence of lead-based paints, but how there is not a national regulation that requires home sellers to tell prospective buyers or tenants about issues associated with lead pipes or water contaminated by lead. This lack of required disclosure o…
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East Falmouth man dies in crash

Christine Legere @ChrisLegereCCT FALMOUTH — Raymond Atkinson was almost home when his pickup truck collided with a Volvo at the intersection of Route 151 and Currier Road Wednesday night, killing him and striking yet another blow to a community already on its knees after the death of two high school students in a crash a week earlier. Atkinson, 32, of East Falmouth was brought to Falmouth Hospital but died from injuries received in the crash, according to police and his close friends. “He had just texted us that he was going to stay in for the night,” said Atkinson’s f…
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Top 10 things to keep pipes safe during cold snap

Updated: Dec 29, 2016 – 5:47 PM Seattle is gearing up for a deep freeze.  The coldest airmass seen in quite a few years will arrive along with the new year, and as we usually contend with when arctic blasts move in, there will be a chance for lowland snow. Read Meteorologist Morgan Palmer’s full weather post here.  With the impending cold snap, there is concern about frozen pipes and ultimately burst pipes. Beacon Plumbing owner Bill Cahill said persistent cold can freeze a pipe, and if left frozen the ice that forms inside a pipe can rupture it.  Sometimes the water s…
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Pfister plumbing fixtures announces upcoming product lines

Home and kitchen faucet company, Pfister, has three new faucet products and collections as it gears up to unveil a new faucet concept, Water Over Wire, at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in January in Orlando. Water Over Wire consists of three new faucet concepts. A handle-less faucet will be introduced as well as a built-in LED task light concept to bring light to the workspace. Another concept will have voice control features for turning the faucet on and off. The three new products and collections at Pfister include: The Tisbury Collection utilizes classic art and design motifs, whi…
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 Posted on : December 30, 2016
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