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To keep your heat running, check your furnace filter

Bill Schlaepfer owner of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing encourages people to check their furnaces this winter every 45 days. With the heat constantly …
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Preparing your home for below freezing temperatures

Western Colorado will be seeing temperatures below freezing throughout the week, which could mean trouble for your plumbing. Plumbers are …
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Keeping the furnace from leaving you in the cold

According to Pat Lemley from Affordable Plumbing and Heat, they're getting calls from “a lot of people whose furnace has stopped working.”.
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Wind and near-zero cold causing frozen pipes in Utah

Mark Pitcher, owner of Pitcher Plumbing in Ogden, said he had received more than a dozen calls before noon regarding frozen and burst pipes.
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Longtime family business closes today

The St. Catherine Street service company specializing in electrical, plumbing, heating and roofing work was started by Premo Stallone, after the …
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Details on how ASHRAE 90.1 affects the plumbing engineer

Additional topics were covered by the webcast speaker on how plumbing engineers should interpret ASHRAE 90.1 when specifying pumps and drives …
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 Posted on : December 31, 2014
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