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VERIFY: Is there illegal dumping on Holmes Avenue?

A Macon woman called 13WMAZ concerned about what she called “illegal dumping” happening next door to her home. We wanted to help her resolve her problem and verify if her neighbor is violating county code. Property tax records list DRR Development Inc. as the current owner of 173 Holmes Avenue. There are apparent renovations going on inside the home, and Trudy Posner is concerned that garbage left in the front yard could be hazardous. Posner lives next door and says there was a dumpster in the front yard for several months. “They tore it apart haphazardly and threw it all in the dumpster and …
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LGSA results

THURSDAY 10-UNDER Action Nissan 10, Dick’s Sporting Goods 7 Skylar Acosta and Charlie Mae Haston singled for Dick’s. 8-UNDER Holt Plumbing 10, Journey’s 6 Emma Kellow tripled twice for Holt. Kloe Kamm singled as she and Tatum Woodson doubled. Cassi Hayes had three singles; Landry Orr, Lexi Simpson and Ailee Weitzel two each and Lillian Fulton, Ja’myah Jackson and Ja’ziyah Jackson one apiece. Ryan Stephens Custom Homes 14, Spiral Systems 9 Emma Broomfield singled twice and Nora Rogers once as they and Ayannah Coffey tripled for Ryan Stephens. Waverly Head had two …
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Letters to the Editor: Guadalupe library rocks; Wishing for president who could be respected

Movie DVDs circulate well, and now some DIYs — electrical, plumbing, painting — have been added. The Times is there daily — a donation — along with lots of current magazines. The Friends group stocks shelves with soft and hard covers at 25 cents to $1 as a fund-raiser. According to a recent story in the Santa Maria Times, the Guadalupe library is “in danger of closing entirely.” The library is the poster child for unequal funding support, and the Guadalupe officials say they have no funds to pay the lease after it is up in November. Local residents make good use of the library, with…
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City Adopts Inspection Warrant Option

“It can be used for anything the statute allows it to be used for, which is primarily code-related issues — building code, plumbing code, structural issues that got o the safety of the structure,” Den Herder said. “It won’t be used beyond the scope of code enforcement. I can’t think of anything other than safety-of-structure reasons why we would ever go into a structure. Under the ordinance as it’s drafted — which lines up with state law — we need to make an effort to get the owner to cooperatively allow us to go in first with a good understanding of what the problem is ahea…
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Leak prevention tech taking a big leap into insurance

Water damage from pipe faults was the second-leading cause of homeowners’ insurance claims in 2016, according to the Insurance Information Institute — and thanks to digital disruption of the industry, it’s also one of the easiest areas to begin to reduce that burden on carriers. That’s because there are often small signs that a problem is on the way, which can be detected easier than ever by rapidly advancing sensor technology. And so, many companies that make that kind of hardware are targeting the insurance sector as a way to demonstrate the value of their services. Current partnerships ar…
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Gerber Introduces the Two-Piece Avalanche Elite Toilet

Gerber’s Avalanche Elite features a modernized contemporary design with a simple semi-concealed trapway. The trapway makes the toilet easier and quicker to install than many competitive skirted toilets, much like a standard two-piece toilet. For installation, there is no special hardware or bolt alignment required, no interference with the water supply/angle stop and the seat can easily be installed before or after the bowl is installed. The flushing system has 50% more line carry than the national standard, ensuring no hidden clogs under the toilet or in the pipes. Comes with a Fluidmaster…
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 Posted on : June 12, 2018

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