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What's an "Interior Designer"? in 2015

It requires passing a written test covering technical understanding of plumbing, construction, electrical, Historical Interiors (yes, it matters) and design …
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Saving water in California and plumbing problems in Portland

This week, Hansen looked at how water conservation is working in California, some plumbing problems in Portland and President Barack Obama's …
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Dance and Art Studio takes shape at Nashoba Tech

… to fine-arts education, while also giving students in the construction programs — including Carpentry, Plumbing & Heating, and Electrical Technology …
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Lake City smoke testing sewer system

However, if smoke emerges from your drain, please consult your plumber at your convenience and note that the upkeep of plumbing systems on …
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Duluth schools have Red Plan money left to spend

Historic Old Central: About $1.5 million for plumbing, security, repairs to sidewalks and the stone retaining wall, partial roof replacement and repairs to …
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Ben Franklin Plumbing Announces Availability for Water Heater Replacements

Remedying the unwelcomed issue, Ben Franklin Plumbing has announced they have availabilities for water heater replacements. No matter which …
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 Posted on : January 14, 2015
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